Alina Puente

From her earliest memories, Alina Puente has been enveloped in the world of creativity. Growing up, she explored various art forms, from dance and painting to collaborative home improvement projects with her mother. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the United States, Alina’s heritage is a vital source of inspiration for her artistic practice. The bold hues and textures of her homeland, her faith, and her identity as an Afro-Latina immigrant inform the themes that permeate her work.
Hailing from a lineage of artistic talents, Alina’s mother is a designer, and her paternal grandmother was a painter. As such, her artistic sensibilities have been nurtured and refined from a young age. Her work draws significant influence from the Abstract Expressionist movement. Among her most admired artists are Cándido Bidó, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Makoto Fujimura.
Today, Alina Puente embraces a multifaceted life as a full-time visual artist, mother, wife, creative director, pastor, and design studio owner. Residing in Madison, Wisconsin, she continues to pursue new ventures in her artistic practice. 

"My work is deeply influenced by my life as an immigrant and my faith. I use acrylics and mixed media to express the interplay between my cultural background and my spiritual beliefs. Creating art for me is a reflective process. Prayer and music play a significant role, guiding my thoughts and actions as I work. This approach helps me to focus and imbue my art with genuine emotion and meaning. My pieces are contemplations on the divine presence in every aspect of life, reflecting on how this celestial connection influences our understanding of the world and each other—a harmony and dialogue between the divine and the mundane. Through my work, I hope that viewers to see a part of themselves reflected in my work. My art is an invitation, a journey through culture, faith, and identity."

Artist Alina Puente